O.G.Farms LLC

Organic Growers Farms


 O.G. Farms offers fresh organiclly grown vegatables and fish WITHOUT pesticides or fertilizers through our unique aquaponic growing system.From our farm-raised tilapia and catfish to our made to order vegatable we provide the freshest food for communities resturants,non-profit  and schools with non toxic food. With our community grow program; we are able to bring the freshness to communitiy's table with in hours.

O.G. Frams Specialties

Locally gown fresh and to market daily, our selection of live tilapia ,catfish or perch are market fresh, priced right  and delivered daily .

O.G. Farms Veteran's helping Verteran's training program: we will be able to help vet's that are home owners and help vets that are transitioning from the military to be a part of feeding and redeveloping our local communities.

Fresh organic grown fish

 Veteran's helping Veteran's Training for the future

   Community Benefits

  • Provide table vegetables (greens and blooming plants such as tomatoes,pepers, ect.) and fish (tilapia) as aprotein source to maintain optimal health.
  • Three people can operate one-quarter of an acre of O.G. Farms system which feed 240 people forever.Twelve cxan operate one acre of O.G. Farms which feeds 1000 people forever. This can be semi-skill labor and people of almost any age young or old.
  • Aquaponics can provide many hands-on opportunities to learn from science technology,eneineering and math. The O.G. Food Production System and system similar toit not only provide a locally grown source of food, but also provide countless opportunities to explore agraicultural and nutritional sciences, aquaculture ,biology,   chemistry,hydrology,solar applications, heat collection,storage and transfer,piping system and fluid friction loss, wind power, and rainwater harvestion and vermiculure to just name a few. 
  • O.G Farms provides a organic food fundraiser thats a win , win, win  for all involed. Good profit for charity,organic food for donors and steady business from the community.. 
  • By extending the growing seasonto allow year round food production and utilizing the greenhouse as an incubator, the O.G. Farms is working diligently to find innovative ways to end food deserts and produce locally grown food to help eliminate hunger.